Goodyear FD2010 Malaysia: Drama from the very start

Published on December 20th, 2010

We were among the crowd of sideway-lovers in Dataran Merdeka for the weekend to smell burnt rubbers and to see gut wrenching sideway dramas, right in the heart of the city of Kuala Lumpur. We did get some action on our own, but those are off-track stories that’ll be revealed as the story unfolds itself.

It started very early on Saturday for us, with heavy breakfast to cover our simple appetite. We took the train into town after considering the kind of jam we’d be facing if we drove. Coming down the escalator at the train station, we were greeted with sheer musical sound of V8 engines and turbocharged drift machines.

The practice session was on-going.

Tengku Djan Ley in action

Honey, I've told you to install the aircond!

Dude, did you hit a deer or something?!

We saw ‘em drifters going at it, attacking that small roundabout with velocity created by insane engineering, developed by these crazy mechanics specifically for spinning the rear wheels so fast to get the cars into sideway motion by skillful steering control action, drifting like oil on water.

Whatcha lookin' at?

After the official opening ceremony, Qualifying was next. The drifters lined up for their turn to score the best time, get the best angle at the best speed possible without hitting ‘em walls. Top 32 was selected, and we went ahead for the battle on Sunday.

As the weekend progressed, it was clear that the main enemy on the weekend was the track itself. Multiple and uneven surfaces made navigating the track difficult, and much harder considering these guys are doing it sideways! A few drifters had a quick smooch session with the barriers, and some even had to retire from the battle altogether. Accidents were aplenty, with clipped fenders and ruined bumpers quickly became a popular sight during the weekend.




Today’s race saw the Top 32 with improved lines, ready for the battles ahead. Doing it alone on the track might be easy, but chasing another car or being followed created another section by itself. Bumper knocking, entry speed too fast, or simply pushing the throttle too early or too hard were the things to avoid as simple mistakes like these cost a few of ‘em drifters their bragging rights.

Honey, I think my ass is loose.

A disappointment, maybe, to the locals who came to watch the Formula Drift 2010 in Dataran Merdeka when Tengku Djan Ley, also known as the Prince of Drift, lost the battle to Ser Ming Hui when he crashed out during the first elimination round between the Top 32. He did, however, won the crowd’s cheer end to end when he passed by. He still ended up victorious though by winning the Formula Drift Asian Championship based on his overall results over the season.

Congrats Tengku Djan for being the overall Formula D Asia champion!

Winners for Goodyear Formula Drift Malaysia 2010 were Daigo Saito from Japan, Kohkae from Thailand, Rifat Sungkar from Indonesia and Ryuji Miki from Japan, from first to fourth in that order.

Drifting is done for the year, folks. Please pack your tyres properly and don’t forget to pay the parking ticket before you leave. Traffic Magazine Online is off for holiday until next year. Yeah, wishful thinking, we know.

On a side note, we wish the organiser will be more prepared next time around, considering the lost emails containing filled media credential forms which resulted on media personnel having had to fill in the form again, unavailable Media & Photographers passes for actual media personnel, being denied entry for not having one of these passes, nobody answering the phone when called, unavailability of an alternate number to call, and the limited spaces available for us photographers and videographers to do our work properly and effectively. How we were supposed to get to the media centre to get our passes, which is located inside the main building, when we couldn’t even walk past the entrance, no one answering the phone, and no one else we could talk to, was beyond us.

Apart from that, we also witnessed one of the sponsors were denied entry while another granted at the covered grandstand area. Some rumours did cross the street and came to our ears, while some crossed it with a shining ‘look at me’ sign all over the place for us to prove with our own eyes. Perhaps the organiser should also look into their security personnel to avoid any hiccups like these in the future.

We also wish to convey our wish for media registration to be done way much earlier to avoid any potential problems. We’re not always in the office to check our e-mails and to reply within half an hour.

We do apologise for not returning the bips, however, and the error is severely regretted.

We will be publishing our own video of Goodyear Formula Drift Malaysia 2010, so check out the video category.

words: Syawal Ahmad  pix: Syafril Ismail  video: Syawal Ahmad


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