Published on June 4th, 2013

Winning in a car race for most racers is determined by a lot of factors and not just the skill of the racer alone. The behaviour of the car plays most of the winning elements in a race. Even on a road car, a must-do modification for spirited driving is the suspension setup. This falls under the ride and handling department where the behaviour of the car will affect the skill of the driver in handling the car to safety on average speeds or above.






This is where Ftuned Racing suspension has an edge over most of the suspension brands you can find in Malaysia. Ftuned Racing was setup up by Wan Ahmad Farouk Shah who has years of experience when he was the group leader at Proton Research and Development in the Ride and Handling team. He also worked on special projects at the Chassis Engineering Section, especially in developing the suspension systems with Proton and Lotus engineers. So far he has his credits to the Satria Neo, Perdana V6, Juara and Waja superb handling from out of the factory units.






So the many years of training at Lotus Engineering on suspension and chassis development has made Farouk to realised that he has what it takes to take off on his own to produce the suspension system to the local enthusiasts needs. Partnered with the people who gave you Claws suspensions, who also manufactures GAB suspension in the region, Farouk or Ftuned Racing suspension gives you high standards in dampers and coilover setups you can find locally. His Ftuned suspensions cater for most cars in the market. And if you have a specific suspension characteristics such as high speed stability or if you want minimal body roll being the type who prefers the game of fast lane changing skills, or if you simply prefer to minimise the pitch during accelerating or braking, lesser roll due to road surface or even reducing the float feeling on roads, whatever it is, he can produce multiple combinations to your liking. Of course with a fee so that at the end of the day, your car ride is enhanced for greater handling and better safety.



We handed Farouk our slightly modded Ford Fiesta 1.6S to do up the suspension. Stock suspension was good as it is in the S model which comes stiffer than 1.4LX Fiesta. The wheels have been upgraded from the stock 16 inch to 17 inch with the grippy Toyo Proxes T1-R but the owner complained of imbalanced cornering on excessive angles. This is also because of the Ford Fiesta rear suspension beam, probably to save on weight and production cost. And of course, being a modded ride, the suspension setup needed has to be able to adjust the ride height as we want to lower the Fiesta and we just love lowered cars anyway.



As this is their first work on the Ford Fiesta, Farouk and his team did some calculations to the car, took measurements and even weighed the car to accurately calculate the final setup. And if he hasn’t had a suspension system made for your car model just yet, this is what you car have to go through. Production took less than two weeks for him to have the Fiesta on the tuned set of suspension. After the installation, Farouk took the car for a spin to further tune the setup on the ride and handling until every aspect of it is to his high standards before handing you the keys. So the Fiesta is now lowered with a one and half inch drop, stiffer dampers paired with weighted springs, it handles well with minimal braking on certain corners. Faster lane changing was almost without much body roll and still felt comfortable to a racers point of view that is. But the girlfriend would probably need a sports bra to feel happy sitting next to you in the car when you drive through those yellow lines. Yeah, spirited driving, they say. Always drive fast and safe fellas.


Anyhow, this was our requirement and Farouk will cater for a softer setup if you do happen to be another Ford Fiesta owner. The damage was at RM2750 for a tuned suspension (ride height adjustable only) to our liking. Not bad. Along with that, Farouk will give you a subjective assessment sheet on your car based on his tuning. Cool ain’t it? Feel free to give him a call if you need anymore information regarding his Ftuned Racing suspension at 012 777 0747 or email to him at [email protected].

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