FX Open’s Nissan 350Z

Published on April 18th, 2010

Ever desire a car that’ll slap you silly just by thinking about it, and everytime that dream car passes by you’d grab whatever it is that you are holding a lil’ bit harder that would cause you to get a really tight slap for grabbing your girlfriend’s thigh a bit too tight? What about a car that slaps you around a few times because you know if you are to go to the showroom to grab yourself one of ’em dream cars, you’d end up eating ‘semekut pat semegi atah semejid’ (the small rectangular cracker, as how the Terengganu folks call it) for the rest of your life?

You know it, I know it, so it’s best to keep it as a secret and not to drool on the freaking keyboard.

I’ve always wanted a rear-wheel drive car, and the 350Z Fairlady with its VQ35 V6 engine is sitting comfortably on top of the list, with the RX-7 1.3ltr Rotary and the Fairlady’s cousin the Nissan S15 Silvia rolling steadily behind. Sigh…

Anyways, let’s get back to the real world where I am still driving a two-door, although not with a V6 engine or rear-wheel driven. We welcome FXOpen’s own drift machine; Nissan 350Z Fairlady, slammed and rockin’ on the tarmac.

Knowing the in and out, sideway view with an interesting balcony of FOREX trading, FXOpen is the place to go if you’re interested in FOREX trading. What started as an educational centre for technical analysis, it made its leap into brokerage services in 2005, and has not looked back since. Well, sideways, perhaps. Now back to the car.

The driver have had its engine replaced, due to the original VQ35DE’s death for making too much smoke, with a newer and higher revolution 2007 VQ35HR. Coupled with Unichip ECU, Okada ignition system, HKS air filter and exhaust system, this Fairlady is not built just for showing it all off. This Fairlady is up for something much more sinister.

With its 6-speed manual tranny, Endless 4-pot calipers for the front and 6-pot for the rear, NITTO Invo tyres (255/30/20 front, 285/25/20 rear) wrapped around Rays Engineering R35 20-inchers stock wheels, the car is sure to bedazzle as well as to emblaze the tarmac scorching hot as it moves sideways. Holding the car up is AirRunner Systems air suspension, and it goes as low as this:

Yes, the owner does take it to the drifting track from time to time. Anyways, let’s take a look at the exterior.

Stock 2007 350Z headlights and rearlights conquers the front and back, with full carbon fibre bonnet for that weight reduction scheme, AMUSE front bumper with lips, Fabulous rear bumper, C-West side-skirts, Voltex GT-wing, Tint-Safe tint, Apricot Orange paintjob with custom FXOpen stickers are what you can see decorating the shell.

Step right inside and your ass will be vigorously savoured by the huggy-wuggy Bride bucket seats with a MOMO steering staring at you as you settle down. Let your left hand crawl and your hand will be fondling a NISMO gearknob, Pivot-3 Drive throttle controller, NISMO meters and full leather custom trimmings, completing the interior works.

To make you as deaf as Botak, Sony X1 head unit is utilised to control the flow of entertainment in the car, with Danish Acoustic speakers linked with Sony monitors, crossovers and tweeters, RS Audio subwoofer for that lil’ boombox, and amplified by a XETEC amplifier.

FXOpen is also the title sponsor for 1Malaysia FXOpen Drift Series, as it is known for its support in youth development and motorsport, particularly for those who prefers going sideways. They’ve just had their launch on April 17th this year. More info here.

Nice eh? Wait until you see the owner’s new toy… a Mustang GT500. If he does drive the car to our office, I won’t care anymore, I’ll let my saliva do the talking.

words & pix: Al-mu Syahrisyawal Ahmad

Technical Specifications:


VQ35HR engine, Unichip ECU, Okada ignition system, HKS air filter, HKS exhaust system, 318hp, in excess of 300km/h, 0 – 100km/h in 5.3secs


6-speed manual tranny


Endless 4-pot calipers (front), 6-pot calipers (rear)


AirRunner Systems air suspension on all fours

Rolling Stocks:

Rays Engineering R35 20″ stock wheels wrapped in NITTO Invo tyres 255/30/20(front), 285/25/20 (rear)


Stock 2007 headlights & rearlights, carbon fibre bonnet, AMUSE front bumper with lips, FABULOUS rear bumper, C-West sideskirtings, Voltex GT wing, Tint-Safe tint, Apricot Orange paintjob with custom FX Open stickers


BRIDE bucket seats, MOMO steering, NISMO gearknob, full leather custom trimmings, Pivot 3-Drive throttle controller, NISMO meters, SONY X1 headunit, SONY monitor, Danish Acoustic speakers, crossover and tweeters, RS Audio subwoofer, XETEC amplifier


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