Forester in the city!

Published on December 31st, 2010

It was way back in 2005 when I first met Wan through Husin… who I knew from Ol’skool (who was at that time still dating my ‘lil sister and not yet married for two years). Way back then, Damansara Uptown was the place to be. It was as packed as any clubs, but instead of all the boozes and haziness from ciggie-puffing drunken monkeys of both genders… it was a place to get anything you’re looking for. Food was abundant and eating at Henry is a must after a sweaty session of brushing shoulders looking for shoes, clothes, stickers and a whole lotta other things, even swords for all that matter.

Back then both Wan and Husin knew nuts about cars… for all they know a car was for making money, and getting more money by selling clothes and apparels for both genders. It was the days when you get to check out girls scantily dressed walking around with or without boyfriends haggling for the best price of things they’ve set their prying eyes to. In fact it was at Damansara Uptown when my ‘lil sis showed off her ostrich’s feathers wooing Ol’skool who is now her loving hubby.

Since Damansara Uptown was closed down thanks to S.Y Chan, a number of Uptowns mushroomed around Kuala Lumpur. One of it is the Danau Kota Uptown. This is where Wan and Husin continued their apparel business. Apart from that Wan has another outlet set up in Seremban Terminal. Once in awhile, Wan would Facebook-chat me and asked about Subarus… which I know nuts about except for the raw power of EJ20 Boxer engine. In fact, the only Impreza I fell in love with was the legendary GC8 apart from the Subaru Forester…. errr… and the Legacy. The new one was primed and ready to be modded VIP style I’d say.

It was only a few months back I was told by Wan that he bought an Version 10 Impreza S-GT and with that being said… I just had to see it with my own eyes. Apart from the looks that didn’t appeal to me, it was an auto transmission. Somehow I felt that Wan made a bad choice. However a week’s back, Wan’s being generous and passed down his Impreza S-GT to his brother in law only to replace it with an STi Forester. He was lucky enough to have the Forester modded just nice with 320ponies under the hood.

When I first saw the Forester yesterday, I fell for it but as I told Wan, 19″ rolling stocks is the way to roll. As for him, his first concern is the potholes-laden streets of our beloved country might put a dent both on the wheels and pockets alike.

The stance of the Forester is menacing enough and I was given the grace to try out the Forester with all 320ponies on tap… I was smiling up to my ears. Never had the chance to try out a Subaru, I made a dumbass out of myself trying to start the car without pressing the clutch. Yup… you have to press the clutch to start the car. The clutch is bearable enough but a bit high up compared to most of the sportscars I’ve tested but then it’s not a problem at all. Adding extra toppings to my shame, the car did died on me once though.

Power’s immediate enough and the response is smooth with plenty more potential of modding it to ‘Ubake’ level. Taking it through a corner makes me wet myself with ecstasy. I kid you not on this. Being an SUV with looks more to a wagon, the handling of the Forester is more than enough to attack corners without braking while throttling through it. It’s that good. So Wan, the next time you gonna change car or you’re feeling generous again… I’m in dire need of transport so do look for me when you feel like it! Thanks in advance.

Technical Specifications:


EJ25 engine, Complete HKS exhaust system front to back, 320hp


6-Speed manual, AWD with racing clutch




Brembo 4-pot calipers (front), Brembo 2-pot calipers, stainless steel Teflon braided brake hoses



Rolling Stocks:

Stock STi alloy wheels (18″ X 8.5 front & rear), 245 40/R18 Potenza RE050 tyres (front & back)


STi semi bucket seats, Profec B, EDFC controller, APEX’i autotimer

words: Hage’  pix: Syafril Ismail & Hazwan


  1. Posted by aNtuCoMeLz on January 1st, 2011, 02:50

    ||in fact it was at Damansara Uptown when my ‘lil sis showed off her ostrich’s feathers wooing Ol’skool who is now her loving hubby||…

    na ah…it was me showing off my brand new last edition of the ‘Made-in-England Doc Martens’ lah…ahahahha…thanx for highlighting though 😉

  2. Posted by a'e @ azahari on January 4th, 2011, 09:50

    nice pics .. coz u have a damn hot vehicle there… :)


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