Published on February 10th, 2012

Tottis junior made its first debut on the track after being resurrected back from the dead after years laying dormant in the shallow waters situated in an undisclosed location. It was nothing too fancy and missing the first heat, crawling in the second heat and spinning like ‘gasing’ three times in the third heat of Saturday Night Fever Round 1 organized by was nothing to be proud of despite securing third placing in the track car category.

What awed me was the sheer effort of Wafi and Zack, both in their early 20s spearheaded by Tottis Senior, owner of the GC8 Impreza or better known as Tottis Junior. It’s a norm that both of ’em likes to sleep at the first stint of daylight and work their arses off while the rest of us cuddled in our beds. The night before the track day, Tottis Senior, Wafi, Zack and the rest of the team managed to change the gearbox to another set with a better ratio.

Let’s recapped what happened during its first debut in SNF, the fast-gaining grassroots-based track event held in Sepang International Circuit. In the very last minute we managed to get a new set of tyres replacing the all-hardened to concrete-like-compound tyres, all thanks to Am who was the first driver when ecstatic during practice and went over the white line. The repercussion was when I was about to go for practice, only to realize it was already Heat 1 and was being held due to the penalty needed to be paid in order to continue.

a 'lil bit of tottis junior's feminine side

During Heat 2, the turbo just won’t spool and so Am was left behind was back, despite starting from the front, but hats off to him, he finished it nevertheless. A quick check and some modification later, thanks to quick-witted Tottis Senior and his prodigies, Wafi and Zack and the rest of the team, everything worked out well only that they can’t fix my heavy-right-foot syndrome hence the “pusing macam gasing” incidents throughout the five laps of Heat 3.

The RCA Track Day provided more than enough time to identify the shortcomings of Tottis Junior and both of its drivers. There were quite a number of other cars as well, from the R35 to a Ferrari F430, an all battle-geared Evolution 7, Civic Type R, EF9, Alfa 75 and even a pair of Westfields were there during the track day enjoying the fun. Hazwan, the photographer was so excited being the co-pilot of Syawal another Traffic crew, lost his view and forgot his first intention of being there at all.

safety first... but does it work in the first place?

the turn-up was huge!

sexyback... errr...

Tottis Junior is looking good and only need to be tuned-up a ‘lil bit, I’m pretty sure Tottis Senior and his prodigies, Wafi and Zack will figure that out before the second round of SNF, this coming 18th February. As far as gear ratio is concerned, it was wayyy much better compared to the previous setting. Now my biggest worry would be, anyone would be kind enough to sponsor us another set of tyres?

words: Hage’ ¬†pix: Hazwan Najims


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