Federal Territory Day: Autoshow at Merdeka Square

Published on February 3rd, 2010

Malaysia has been known asa a country of diversity and full of culture hence the abundant supply of celebrations in which will be supported by a number of events, side events and so forth. One thing that is for sure agreed by all Malaysians is that all these celebrations means happiness, another day off from work, another public holiday… but it’s not for everyone though. The public holiday only applies to those of Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur and Labuan citizens.


So what do we know about the Federal Territory Day? Not much I suppose… except that it has been celebrated every 1st February ever since 1973. Every year the celebration had to be improvised in order to ensure the level of celebration is up to par to Malaysians standard as it is the only way to get the crowd to join any of these celebrations… and as far as I’m concern, any of these celebrations will be a success if there any celebrities present especially singers performing at the venue. Any kind of freebies would be an added value to ensure a bigger crowd as Malaysians love freebies.


With a 60% statistic of youth in Malaysia, anything to do with having fun would have a following but only if it’s held later in the evening or at night… so since the Federal Territory Day was held a wee bit early in the morning every year, the lack of crowd was visible even to the blind. Still, being held at the infamous Merdeka Square right smack in the middle of Kuala Lumpur helps a lot.


In conjunction of the Federal Territory Day or better known to us locals as Hari Wilayah, MHB Motorsports organized an open air autoshow that managed to attract 52 participants to compete against each other in various categories. It was an effort well done… kudos to the organizer!


Somehow or rather, I just have to let this out in the open, there were a number of beautifully modded rides that takes in account the aesthetic value, form and function and made us all motor junkies proud but a majority of the rides reeks of… nonsensical modification without taking into account anything at all except making the rides butt-ugly! But then without these selected fews of manic modders we can’t differentiate between the good, the bad and hairy-butt ugly right?


One thing I noticed was the participation of amore delicate gender in the autoshow… and from what I’ve read in the newspapers, even drag event have attracted the delicate gender to join in the fun of motoring world… and I guessed I don’t have to mention drift event in which we have a number of well-known participants such as Azrina Jane and Leona Chin. Now.. now, who says motoring world  is the playground for us man only aye?


Extreme Open

1. Cho Kiam Cheng aka Kenny Datsun Wagon

2. Siti Aisyah aka Pink Suki Kancil/Kereta Ganas

3. Mohd Fahami aka Sexy Blue/Satria d’Project

4. Logeswaran Wira/Rozar

5. Aziz Ahmad Honda EG/Team Pro

Open Standard Modified

1. Along Cina Honda Gold/Team Nice

2. Tan Yon Fat aka Ah Fat AD Resort/Team Pro

3. Bow Tax Honda Jazz/KJ Motorsport

4. Ayumi Honda/KJ Motorsport

5. Nor Hisyam Hamid Mazda/Big Japan

Proton Standard Modified

1. Emi Zahlin Waja

2. Ridzwan Mad Yusof Waja/Waja Club

3. Kwan Lian Yew Putra/Team Jazz

4. Noor Afendy Proton Saga BLM 7 Up

5. Kenny Sim Hock

K Car Standard Modified

1. Harry Kancil

2. Zailani Jumain Kancil

3. Nik Syukran Kancil/Kereta Ganas

4. Mohd Hafizi Kancil

5. Mohd Shahrir Kenari


1. Coh Cui Ming

2. John

3. Bronson

4. Mie WFR709 Knight Motorsport

5. Lei Wei Yen

Old Skool

1. Ivan Wong Mini Clubman

2. Borhan Nordin Yellow Datsun Auto

3. Kevin Wong Malaya Drift Datsun

4. Justin Wand Man

5. Jason Law Kin Seng

Best Audio

Tan Yon Fat aka Ah Fat AD Resort/Team Pro

Best 4 Woofer

1. Chai Chew Wei Vios/Team Pro

2. Nur Azman Iswara

3. Lau Chi Kion/WDY 7910 Satria

Best 2 Woofer

1. Mohd Zamri Perdana

2. Zamri Durahman WER8280/Satria

3. Mohd Hasmil AFX8472

Best Sticker

Mohd Azmil Fairlady/Team Forex Formula

Best Air Brush

Logeswaran a/l Krisnah PJG 7021

Best Participant

Ayen WPY6110 Subaru /Team Knight Motorsport

Best Club

1. Team Impact

2. MyVi Street

3. DiamondZUZ VIP

4. Rozar

text: Hage’  pix: Syafril Ismail


  1. Posted by Godfrey Gao on July 1st, 2010, 20:31

    i love this car….colour is red…..hehehe….

  2. Posted by darvina xavier on May 26th, 2011, 11:31

    i love rozar motorsports .WELL DONE GUYZ


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