Published on April 29th, 2013

If I remember correctly, when I was in diapers…(yup, that’s deliberately exaggerated), the kind of rides that attract me would be the super cars or the latest hatch or coupes. The keyword is the latest. My dad used to have an old MINI and I despised it as every time my dad sent me to school, it would attract a whole lot of painful remarks from fellow friends… it started in primary and continued to  secondary nonetheless.

As I grew older, my attention shifted to the older rides. Somehow, the latest technology has lesser appeal to me. I prefer the rides to be raw, a driver’s machine instead of fiddling with gadgets and all sorts of nonsensical buttons and dials helping with the handling and drivability of the rides.


To me, the lesser the technology the better the rides are in terms of having fun with it. Not that I’m saying technology is bad for ya… but in a way it’s proven that with technology, you’re more handicapped as a driver since you need an array of buttons and dials and what-not just to bloody park your car. The old technology still tops it all… apart from fuel consumption I’d say.


Akuma no Zetto translated to The Devil Zed in the anime Midnight, had the S30’s price climb to mind-boggling levels even in Japan. A fully restored and tuned S30 might fetch a staggering price of 20,000,000. The S30 first became available wayyy back in 1969… I was not even born at that time and yet it managed to entice not just my generation, but also the generation after mine. All hail the anime… you might get one as cheap as RM15,000 here in Malaysia before but all thanks to globalization, the latter is an impossible task nowadays.


As we were back in Japan, the country this beautiful machine was born… there were quite a number featured by ’em tuners. One of those was the famed Star Road, a full-fledged restorer and tuner based in Tokyo. Star Road always has their hands full with other Japanese classics but their speciality lies on restoring and tuning the old Skylines and Fairladys’.



All covered in yellow, which has never been my favorite color to be used on a car… but what attracted me to approach this S30 was its engine bay. It was gleaming in all the glory of chrome parts while the rest of the ensemble complemented nicely. And also the fact that it’s a fully restored and modified S30. Restoring an old classic to its former glory would have me appreciating its beauty, but to actually modify classics is something else. It’s orgasmic… that’s the only way to put it in words… not literally though as that might get me in jail.



The straight six N24 L28 engine has never been better especially with the triplet 44mm Solex carbs complete with its velocity stacks all shiny… fret not, it’s not mere looks as this mutha has its head ported, polished while the crank was fully balanced and the stock pistons replaced by Kameari oversized race pistons to unleash the angry stallions at every tap without fail. It won’t be complete without the special 75º camshaft as it would like a cake without its icing when it comes to carburettor’ed machine. It was not being exaggerating to say that it’s one of the most perfectly done-up engine bay after all. RB 5-speed transmission coupled with an R200 LSD completed the combination of a masterpiece.


I was honored to have the opportunity to actually chat with the owner, Inoue-san, who was friendly enough to entertain me despite the booming sound of a nearby mini-concert by the GT Queens as well as the crowd cheering for more. I was told that the S30 was previously in blue shades instead of the bright yellow… what takes the cake was the amount of man-hours spent to restore the S30 to its glory a couple of years back. The result… an immaculate exterior of a glorious S30.


Despite being a lover of huge wheels, this S30 is an exception as it sits pretty on a 15 inchers of Work Equip 03s, measuring 8.5J at the front and a staggering 9.5J at the rear, wrapped in a fully stretched Potenza RE-11. The chassis sits on the lowest stance of Star Road very own adjustables and a whole lot of other parts and links to ensure a top-notch handling of the S30. Braking was a breeze regardless at any crazy speed all thanks to Star Road Type M calipers every when the S30 needs the stopping power.


The combination of modern and old on the exterior as well as the interior had me at awe as it complements the S30 instead of making it an awkward machine. It’s a no brainer that Star Road earned its fame in the world of restoration… as well as tuning and old classics to be one of the best machines of it all.

Star Road’s S30 Technical Specification:


N24 L28 Nissan straight six, 75º camshaft, 46 mm for the intake and 36.5 for the exhaust, Kameari oversized race pistons, R200 LSD. Wako H-beam connecting rods, Custom made 48 mm headers, 80 mm muffler


RB 5-speed transmission, R200 LSD


Star Road Type M front calipers

Rolling Stock:

15-inch Work Equip 03s measure 8.5J up front and 9.5J at the rear and are shod with stretched Bridgestone Potenza RE-11, 195/55 fore, 225/50 aft, Star Road adjustables suspension


HID projectors in the headlights, a carbon fiber front chin spoiler and carbon bolt-on overfenders, carbon fiber hatch spoiler


Adjustable sports seats and Momo steering wheel, new-gen speedometer, Defi gauges

words: hage’  pix: Hazwan Najims, Faiz Zakariah & Jeo


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