Exclusive Luxury yacht comes with free equally exclusive custom supercar

Published on June 13th, 2010

If you are a multi-millionaire and you’ve got millions to spend and shower yourself with luxury, then seriously consider buying an exclusive luxury yacht which comes with a free, equally exclusive, custom supercar, if you are just an average joe like the rest of us, then read this story and be like the rest of us, just salivating while only being able to imagine and dream about it. Making such a purchase will be a pretty bold statement of wealth that will put you at the forefront, and make other multi-millionaires green with envy and jealousy. As boat accessories go, a bespoke supercar is probably the most extravagant. But that’s exactly what multi-millionaire buyers of the RM100million Strand Craft SC122 will get.


Beating the world’s fastest production car, the also exclusive Bugatti Veyron hands down for exclusivity, the supercar boasts an enormous power output of an astonishing 880bhp from its twin-turbo V12 engine, and has a yet to be proven claimed top speed of 234mph. Sadly multi-millionaires out there who are interested in bragging rights amongst multi-millionaire circles by making this RM100Million purchase will have to act fast on such an extravagant purchase, as well as fight for it as only six will be built, each capable of hitting 60mph from rest in 3.2 seconds.


Designed by Eduard Gray, the car is so synonymous with the yacht that the company doesn’t seem to have named it yet. The supercar will spend most of its time in the custom garage below deck while its owner enjoys the supreme luxury of the yacht. Monaco will probably be one of the first port of call for this super yacht with its supercar in tow in the very near future.

The SC122 is a vision of absolute splendour inside and out, as it is equipped with 52-inch televisions and with sound and music being sharply blared out through a Bang & Olufsen surround sound system in every room. There seems to be no space constraints for the lucky owner and his or her guests as there are four luxuriously equipped double bedrooms too for good company.


Statistics, facts and figures wise, the yacht’s power output most definitely dwarfs that of the accompanying supercar. Twin Rolls-Royce engines most probably meant for aircrafts but retrofitted for use in such an exclusive luxury yacht, each pump out over 4,000bhp, and there’s an optional 5,000bhp booster if the standard amount just won’t do, for speed and adrenaline freaks such as multi-millionaire Virgin Group Owner Sir Richard Branson, who will probably be one of the host of multi-millionaires who will be jostling to make this statement of a purchase, which will probably include American talk show host Jay Leno of the ‘Tonight Show’ fame, pity Conan O’Brien.

That power enables the yacht to reach a rather fast and quick sea going speed of 55 knots – in terms of land speed though, its at just over 60km/h, so it’s actually quite sluggish compared to the car’s performance figures and speed.

text: Azdee Amir  pix: Various sources



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