Published on June 3rd, 2014

If you think that Yamato Nadeshiko will be the end of the week-long overflowing of awesomeness at the temple of RWB, i am glad to prove you wrong.


Nakai took off to Japan on Thursday morning just in time to celebrate his daughter’s birthday but he returned to Malaysia on Friday just in time to start on RWB Malaysia #2 build.


Quite a few enthusiasts came down from KL like the man behind Art of Speed, Asep, and the backbone of Atara Racing, Allie Koupa not to forget journalists from Singapore as well.


More importantly, families of RWB from RWB Thailand and RWB Indonesia were also present to support their new brothers of RWB Malaysia.


All were gathered for the unofficial debut of Yamato Nadeshiko and also kick start of its other sibling’s birth, Furinkazan. Furinkazan, initially just a normal ugly-duckling of the 911 family, with the RWB treatment, will be one of the best Porsche 964 in Malaysia when it’s completed.

The given name literally means Wind (Fu), Forest (Rin), Fire (Ka), Mountain (Zan) and it can be related to Art of War’s quote, as swift as the wind, as silent as the forest, as fierce as the fire, as unshakeable as mountain.


If Yamato Nadeshiko portrays his beloved mother, I believe Furinkazan perfectly fits the principle of RWB, RWB Malaysia and Mr. Christian Coujin himself.


Fu – as swift as wind shows that in about 1 week RWB Malaysia managed to swiftly give birth to 2 RWB rides, Rin – as silent as forest shows that RWB Malaysia was built with very little exposure and news and everything was planned in silent without any hints to outsiders. Ka – as fierce as fire – relates to the RWB Malaysia #1 being one of the most fierce-looking RWB993 with its Rotana wing and aggressive looking iForged iCon 3-piece wheels and as Nakai interpretes it, the dark side of RWB Rotana. Zan – as unshakeable as mountain relates to the reputation of RWB and Nakai-san himself, unshakeable like a mountain, in fact, keeps growing its fans of his precious RWB builds day by day.


Despite the extra audiences watching his performance, Nakai-san seems to be as focused as he always be cutting fenders, grinding metals and shooting black silicone all day long with the occasional ciggies and ice-cream breaks.


Watching Nakai works his hands on these beautiful creatures is like a get-to-know session with the man himself. Over the hours spent observing him, you sort of get to know more about him.


Apart from being a very humble human being despite of his status, he is really a MacGyver-kind of person. He always find his way around the obstacles.


There’s this one moment where he couldn’t find a small brush to paint a very narrow part of Yamato Nadeshiko’s fender so he cut a ‘lil bit of his hair and made a little cute brush out of it.


Not to mention, the zipties that he used to replace the missing laces on his worn out, God-knows how old is that pair of shoes. We’re honored to be given this opportunity to be a small part of the build by Mr. Christian Coujin and everyone at RWB Malaysia.


Unfortunately we couldn’t stay like we stayed till the end of #1 build but it started to get its shape when we left. For those that missed the build, worry not because Yamato Nadeshiko will make its first public debut at the 2014 Art of Speed which will be held at Citta Mall, 7th and 8th of June which is just a few days away!

Words: Zahid Kasim & Photos: Zahid Kasim & Haznajims


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