Eddy’s 854 Swedish Monsta

Published on June 8th, 2011

Living in Malaysia, we’ve been served with at least 15 articles of fatal accidents everyday be it on the newspapers, TV or even radio. It’s been quite a norm that when accident occurs, passerby would either ignore or rushed towards the scene to salvage whatever they can get from the scene even when they have to put their lives at risk during the process instead of helping the injured drivers or passengers.

The accident rate has soared so high that now it’s one of the issues addressed in the parliament apart from the extremely stupid bickering among the politicians be it the ruling party or the opposition… or should I say our so-called leaders.

It’s a surprise for a country with more speed limit than not… the maximum being only 110km/h to have a whole lotta road accidents… and most of it fatal. I’d say it’s not speeding that kills but that ‘takpe’ attitude every when we swerved without signaling or tailgating a modified ‘battle-scarred’ rides that’s being driven according to speed limit relentless up to the boiling point of the driver most of the time.

Or even some of the farked-up drivers who thinks they’re always right since their forefathers bought the whole blardy road for ’em thus it’s up to them to swerve in and out as they pleases.

I have one solution to reduce the road-related fatalities. In fact I think the government should appoint me as one of the ministers as my solution would surely reduce the death toll on the road. And my solution would be, let’s all of us sell off our daily rides and buy a god damn tank to take us from point A to point B.

Surely it would be slow enough to follow our ridiculous speed limit and even when an accident occurs… everyone would be unscathed. But then tanks would be a ‘lil pricey… especially the road tax unless the government do something about it.

So I guessed the closest to tanks would be a Volvo… as what most of the VOCM (Volvo Owners Club Malaysia) members describe their daily-driven ride. Now what we have here is Eddy Zafren’s 854 monsta as what he calls it. It might have a girl’s name for all we know as the amount of TLC (Tender.Love.Care) given to it beats how he treats his actual girlfriend… that is if Eddy has one… we can’t really tell for sure.

The  854 Swedish Monsta as I would call it was all done-up inspired by the infamous 850 Sedan in BTCC back when Volvo reigned the race. Back in 1994, Volvo 850 Estate was 6th overall in the manufacturer’s standing before the rules and regulations of BTCC was changed in 1995 hence the switch to 850 Saloon BTCC racer, both models driven by the infamous Rikard Rydell and Tim Harvey to a stunning 13 times pole position, It’s the 850 Saloon BTCC racer that inspired Eddy to get the car in the first place after months of sleepless nights counting cash, contemplating thoughts and endless hard-ons.

For those who knows Eddy would say that he’s a performance junkie, and we can see that as most of the works and plenty of cash went down the engine bay to churn out the horsies out of the Swedish marquee. In fact being the owner of this monsta, he takes it to a number of legal events back in Pasir Gudang and he even entered the BPCC (Bukit Putus Charity Challenge) that was held back in April… apart from usual drives above speed limit one time too many… and yet he’s still breathing and kicking ass… every now and then without being a statistic of road-accidents in Malaysia.

words: Hage’  pix: Syawal Ahmad

854 Monsta’s Technical Specification:

Engine: Volvo T5 2.3 liter, 5-cylinder, head ported & polished, VMS connecting rod, Volvo GLE NA cams, JE pistons, lightened cam pulley, GReddy T518Z turbine, Tial external wastegate, 2.5 inch downpipe and GReddy blow off valve, 850 GLE throttle body, Blitz open pod filter, Haltech Platinum Interceptor and Aquamist water injection, RC fuel injector, 255 Walbro fuel pump, works fuel pressure regulator, A’PEXi 3″ rear muffler, IPD Performance strut bar, 358bhp, 0-100km/h below 7.5 sec, 240km/h top speed

Drive train: 4-speed auto with external oil cooler.

Interior: HKS Boost Meter,GReddy Profec B boost controller, GReddy start button switch

Rolling stock: 18″ SA70 WED Sports, Potenza Adrenalin RE001 225/40/18 tyres

Suspension: Koni adjustables, Eibach springs

Brakes: Sumitomo 4-pot calipers (front), Volvo T5 calipers (rear)

Exterior: IPD Grills, custom air vent, custom BTCC-inspired front bumper, Touring carbon spoiler, Black tint all round, Crystal White paintjob

ICE: Kenwood DPX-MP 2090U, Kenwood speakers (front), 3-way Pioneer speakers (rear), MTX 2 channel


  1. Posted by oreedo on June 8th, 2011, 13:36

    long live the brick…

  2. Posted by shalie on June 8th, 2011, 13:40

    huuu… abam Ed’s ride make it into TRAFFIC!!! 😀

  3. Posted by kodeng on June 8th, 2011, 13:49

    hoho..hail the brick…
    thumbs up bro…

  4. Posted by shukblackt5 on June 8th, 2011, 14:34


  5. Posted by TakaFuji on June 8th, 2011, 14:55

    eh eh.. ini keleta.. baik punya.. i love swedish girl.. haha

  6. Posted by milie on June 8th, 2011, 15:36

    memang cun la bro…

  7. Posted by aedessuperturismo on June 8th, 2011, 17:30

    Nicely narrated..! And yeah, yet another TANK to be adore! :)

  8. Posted by Iceman on June 9th, 2011, 07:57

    Oooops my swedish giflfriend make its preview HERE….Thanks you guys…:)


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