Diana Rusdi checks out the Peugeot 308VTi!

Published on June 8th, 2010

Traffic: What drives you?

Diana: Passion for talking, meeting people, the love for my family and close good friends, and a constant need for money.

Traffic: What are you currently working on where work is concerned?

Diana: I’m currently working on two TV programmes, a music show called “Pop Mania”, and a program on leisurely activities with artistes and celebrities called “[email protected]”. I’m hosting both these programmes and both programmes are on RTM1.

Traffic: So you’re hosting now, does this mean you’re taking a break from acting?

Diana: No, I am not taking a break from acting. It’s just that I’m trying my hand at hosting because at this point in time I prefer hosting to acting. As a host I can do equally a lot of things like an actress, but as a host I get to bring out my own personality, my true self, not a fictituous character. Being an actress, I love being able to play different roles and characters, but i love being myself more, which explains why I like hosting.

Traffic: What’s it like, hosting?

Diana: As a host, of two programmes at that, I have quite an active and busy schedule, but my schedule is flexible and adjustable. I’m building both the programmes I’m hosting as a host through my own personality, character, skills and wit, and I hope to succeed and do well with both the programmes.

Traffic: What cars have you driven?

Diana: BMW 3-Series, a Myvi, a Kembara, a Mercedes-Benz, a couple of Protons, and now the beautiful and stylish Peugeot 308VTi.

Traffic: How fast have you gone/driven?

Diana: I’m a law abiding citizen, I do not flout the traffic rules. I keep within the stipulated speed limit so the fastest I’ve driven before is 110km/h, although I have been in a car driven by someone else in access of 180kmh. Now that was fast!

Traffic: What car would you die for?

Diana: Hmm… let me see, a McLaren SLR, a Nissan Skyline GTR, and quite possibly, a Peugeot 308GT or a 308CC…hint hint!

Traffic: Do you mind sharing with us what’s the naughtiest, silliest thing you’ve done while driving?

Diana: Nothing! Hah! I’m a good, law abiding driver, I do not do naughty or silly things when I drive. Although once I did sit on the door while someone drifted around. It was both scary and exciting at the same time but I somewhat enjoyed it I think, although I have to say it was quite a dangerous stunt to do.

Traffic: Dare we try to ask what’s the most embarrassing moment being a famous person?

Diana: Well there was this once where I embarrassed myself during a shoot as I tiptoed in on a scene by mistake which I was not supposed to be in as I mistook an action from the director. I’m quite sure it won’t happen again.

Traffic: If you could change a traffic rule, what would it be?

Diana: Well, could I enforce something instead of changing a traffic rule? I would like to enforce the use of signal lights at junctions. I would like to send a message, a plea to fellow Malaysian drivers out there, please for God’s sake use your car’s signal lights, it just takes a mere switch of a lever. Don’t be an idiot and turn at a junction without indicating, it can cause accidents.

Traffic: If you were driving you would…

Diana: I would be concentrating on the road, what else could I be doing? Hello?

Traffic: Favourite parking position please?

Diana: Back in first…hmm… ah well, yeah. But I’m fine either way.

Traffic: If no one’s looking while you’re at the wheel, you would…?

Diana: If the car was stationary, I would check my handphone, again I say, only if the car I was driving was stationary.

Traffic: May we ask who are the two people you would trust with your car?

Diana: Well one thing for sure, definitely not my dear Mom! Her old car was full of dents last time and she would put the blame and point the finger at everyone else except herself when in actual fact she was the culprit. Only two? well I would trust any one of my good friends with my car.

Traffic: Traffic is…?

Diana: Fast! Err… I don’t know why Traffic is fast, I have no idea why I said that. That’s weird.

Traffic: Anything else you would like to say to put your mind at ease?

Diana: Keep on wanting to watch me on TV more! Yes! :-)

Traffic: What are the two words that come to mind about the Peugeot 308VTi?

Diana: Sexy…Cute…

Traffic: What would you say to owning and driving a Peugeot 308VTi?

Diana: Hell Yeah!


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