Picking-up a Datsun!

Published on December 12th, 2012

Life would be complete if every car makers could have a pickup truck in their line-up. Most would go into wagon or a shooting brake but not many would have the truck. Commercial trucks or pickups (due to the open top, rear cabin area, for easy access of getting things in and out), or ute if you are in Australia (it is a short form of utility, you know how the Aussies have slangs for everything) or even the bakkie in those African regions, are a necessity for business people to move their stuff around. And in some countries, the masses had preferred using the van instead of the truck. So this evolution had left the carmakers beefing up their trucks into four wheeled drive monsters with  torquey engines, luxurious interiors and maybe oversized beds and such but the seventies Datsun here is a little bit different.

For a start, Japanese roads in the cities are really narrow and the buildings are really tightly arranged to save space. In a way it is their method of space management to maximise their property values. Therefore this one particular habitual element had influenced their production of cars. In short the kei jidosha was born, sort of. And this was inclusive of their pickup trucks. Datsun had their trucks existed as early as in the thirties and the ones that made it here in our shores was in the seventies. The single cab was amongst the favourites here in the local businesses and if you are a nostalgic automotive Japanese tourist here in Malaysia, you would shed tears to see some that still does exist in its designated form, function and purpose.

So this little Datsun pickup truck is one of the many few that isstill exist, restored and modified. This Datsun was displayed at the Ol skool Mega Gathering (OMG4) held many moons ago at Terminal Bandar Tasik Selatan, where all of Malaysia’s ol skool rides came for the showdown for the best of the best in car restoration and modification. Many that came were the Toyota Celicas, the Mazda rotary family members and the German cool air-cooled Volkswagen Beetles so you’ll know how this Datsun pickup stands out like a diamond amongst the roses amongst the thorns. Yeah, I tend to be over excited and exaggerating, but it was that exciting to see it in front of my own eyes.

When crowds gathered around the Datsun, it showed how much the car had become the envy of the participants and the cream beige tones was just right to show how neat it was to be a winner. The body work is straight to perfection, the parts used are just in the right combination, courtesy of MoonEyes giving the cool bits to have when you are into restoration. The interior is just there to remind you on how cool it is to have the chromey bits in an ol skool workforce like this one. Even the smell is ol skool.

Not only that, the owner of the car had taken an edge further to have the engine done up to its glory. Even Datsun haven’t done much to their engines back then like this particular ride. It shows how much love had been put into the restoration that it reflects (literally!) to the people around it when the owners popped the hood open. Flashes flew and snaps were fast giving the Datsun a red carpet sort of fame throughout the day.

And the best of all in my books is that the little Datsun pickup had an awesome stance. The retro pickup had a lowered leaf spring setup that could give the earthworms a mini heart attack every time it rides into a place. The chrome wheels that go along with all of its other chromey bits spells fabulous, sexy and attention seeking glamour especially in the full glory of the tropical sun.

In addition to that, the engine has got enough horses to give the rear wheeled drive pickup the torque for a burnout. So there you go, the best example of an ol skool restoration is in a form of a pick-up truck. The practicality of a pick-up and with the awesomeness of a ride any grandfather would be proud of. Hope we can see more of these restoration with a little bit of that modders attitude because we simply like it that way.

words: Jeo  pix: Hazwan Najims & Jeo


  1. Posted by Daniel on January 16th, 2013, 09:59

    That is not a 620 la. 620 front cab and bed are separate. This one is B110 or GB120(if long bed) pickup. Cab and pickup bed are monocoque.

  2. Posted by Hage' on January 19th, 2013, 11:27

    thanks for the heads up bro. really appreciate it. do excuse our incompetence ya!


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