CEC convoy to De Rhu Resort, Kuantan

Published on January 6th, 2011

Clubbin’ scene has always been the life of motorsport everywhere in the world. Mind you, when I say clubbin’ it’s not the kind of clubbing you have in mind. What I meant was motoring clubs’ activities. It’s through clubs that you get to share mutual interests, get parts for your ride at a lower costs and socialize. Its somewhat like Facebook but it’s real time instead of virtual. Clubbin’ in Malaysia has gone way back since the days of the Godfather, Chicago Bears Motorsport, CB4, Old Shah Alam Boys (OSAB) and a whole lot more clubs and it’s been mushrooming ever since then.

Back in the days of latter, it’s all about brotherhood and proving your worth on the streets. Then the activities get wider in perspective as in 2000 we have the blessing of forums and with that the birth of Teh Tarik session (TT session). With that more mamak stalls and restaurants flourished and renovated to look more like its higher end compatriots such as Coffee Beans, Starbucks and what’s not. And most of the clubs are registered with the registrar (ROS). Now who says all these modders are mere hooligans who don’t contribute to the wealth of the economy?

As time goes by… and with more models coming out from the manufacturers, a whole lot more clubs were established. As in Malaysia, most often than not, modders who got married and have kids would give up their hot hatches, coupes and sedans and opted for a bigger ride such as the MPV. So now instead of clubs comprised of boy racers and ricers… we know have the more family-oriented clubs such as the CEC (Chery Eastar Club). A month back we’re invited to tag along with ’em on a convoy to Kuantan for their Annual General Meeting.

I know, tagging along with ’em huge MPVs on a convoy might not be that interesting, but what matters most are the unity and brotherhood among the club members to organize such a huge convoy. Did I say huge? Yup… you got that right. The convoy consists of 64 Chery Eastars, most of it from Kuala Lumpur while the rest from the East Coast. It was all well during the convoy… and the club members from Klang Valley met up with their East Coast comrades in Kuantan before being escorted all the way to their final destination at De Rhu Resort. As the Chery Eastar shared the same platform as the Mitsubishi Grandis, there were a number of the Eastars sporting Grandis’ bodykits. The one that managed to awe us was the one lowriding on 19″. It’s just the way to go for an MPV.

Our stay there was somewhat relaxed with plenty of time in our hands since the CEC is a family-oriented club. Apart from the AGM and words from the various sponsors they’ve managed to rope in for the convoy, it’s all about going to the beach… or so we thought. It was the endless pour of torrential rain made us stuck in the rooms instead of being at the beach front or the swimming pool for that matter. Nevertheless, it was a successful trip as the kids enjoyed their stay there, swimming in the rain while the club members get to hang out with each other putting aside the stress and pressure at work back in the office.

During our stay, food was aplenty and I swear to god Jeo, Eriehan and I managed to gain a few more unwanted pounds as we ate most of the time there. The first night, after dinner we made our way to Teluk Cempedak which actually a trip to get some ciggies. It was crowded even though it was 12 straight into midnight. It was the least smoking I’ve ever had ever since I don’t know when as both Eriehan and Jeo were none smokers. Seafood’s cheap and so we made our way to Cherating for more food the second night there in the rain. The only down part was, food arrived late to our table and being starved to death in the rain made us almost eat each other and turned it to a scene from the Walking Dead. Still, it was fulfilling. Driving to and fro Cherating with the road about half an inch covered with water made it exciting driving the 147… and a bit scary as the car aquaplaned most of the time.

So thank you to CE and all the sponsors for the invite. It’s somewhat an eye-opener for us singles how married men get to hang out with their wives blessing. Easy, just bring the whole family. Kudos to CEC for a job well done. We’ll be looking forward to be invited again to gain some more pounds!

words: Hage’  pix & vid: Jeo


  1. Posted by MR MAMA / RIDHOAN MOHD LAZIM on January 7th, 2011, 19:24

    well done everybody without u all this will never happenned… and thanks to traffic magazine for their effort…

  2. Posted by Bravotengo on January 8th, 2011, 07:47

    Welldone and thank you “Traffic Magazine”
    you all R Awesome..

  3. Posted by ALIMAL / KLON on January 9th, 2011, 02:41

    Awesome, thanks for the info! ! I’ll look into it…
    You’re welcome. Good luck with the trip planning, etc

  4. Posted by [email protected] on January 9th, 2011, 08:00

    what a nice shoot/pix thanks to the TRAFFIC photographer
    also to CEC good job.

  5. Posted by ENIGMA4646 on January 9th, 2011, 11:03

    Kudos to each and proud owner of Chery Eastar 2.0 and 2.4
    Owners, Traffic Magazine ( hardcore fans of your mags ERA those
    days…)…..last but not least congrats to all the hard works done
    by the committee members to organize this CEOAG 2010 an official
    annual CEC event. 2 years since its CKD launch with Mitsubishi 4G64
    2.4 engines this MPV has been a popular choice for the families all
    over Malaysia with an attractive promotion price of RM 83,388 at
    that time back in October 2008. And now Chery has introduced the
    new version of Chery Eastar with 2.0 DOHC Acteco powered engine
    with a price which still affordable at RM 73,388. For a seven
    seater family mover made in China has been invited lots 0f
    skeptical perception among the Malaysians….but we managed to
    convince them and prove it’s worth buying value for money family
    MPV. For those who are interested to ‘fall in love’ with this
    MPV…I’m invited all of you to our website i.e.
    http://cheryeastarclub.forumotion.com We welcome you …your
    family….and of course your CE 2.0 / 2.4 to join us. Next convoy
    attraction….Phuket,Thailand!!!somewherein June 2011…..JOIN US

  6. Posted by riyad71 on January 10th, 2011, 15:26

    Good job to the organizer and all CEO and CEC members who had supported the anual gathering in DBR Kuantan. Thanks to TRAFFIC Magazine for the nice review about Chery Eastar Club main event of the year…u all rock..nice photo shoot…:)

  7. Posted by zekx on January 10th, 2011, 16:04

    gud event. have been to De Rhu end of 2010 with my fellow Wira Aeroback Group.


  8. Posted by mcm ブラックシルバー on August 6th, 2013, 15:11



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