CARPORN GALLERY: Ferrari 488 GTB is all in the details!

Published on June 16th, 2015


So I got up early this morning as we got super sex-cited with the launch of the all-new Ferrari 488 GTB. Through internet pictures and press photos of this Fezza’s launch, it was left skeptical with the looks. I thought it would essentially just be a refreshed 458 Italia, at least in terms of looks.

Dear me… have I not been wrong from a long while. It may look like a 458, but the refreshed design comes hidden. You’ll find yourself sweeping your fingers all through the aerodynamic body-line and discover every little (NEW!) part of the 488 GTB. I’m just going to leave this here and let the pictures do the talking.

I point out below the beauty of the 488 GTB in the flesh. It’s all in the details!

1 – The headlights


Have a look here. It may look like a 458 Italia’s headlights, but it isn’t. It has been redesigned and reshaped to bewilder your heart at first sight!

2 – The exhausts


Unlike the previous run of the centred tri-pipes; this new twin redesigned outlook is so much better. Ferrari took this from the 458 Specialé and I have to say, IM GLAD THAT ITS BACK!

3 – The side vents 


Huhu… oh yeahhh… My favourite part of the new redesigned shape. To cater for the new massively powered turbocharged unit, the swooping body-line is not only sexy, but also doubles for aerodynamic.


4 – The taillights 


Another new refreshed design. Although it may seem a little ‘unoriginal’, and so similar to the one we saw in the all-new Ford GT concept; somehow it compliments so well with the new car. And next to the lights are exit-vents from those sidevents you saw above. Mmhmm! yerpp…


5 – The driver-centric dashboard


I know – you’re gonna say, “Hey there’s no difference here!”. But there is. This layout has been reworked to be even more driver-centric than the 458’s. The steering wheel is now placed more centered and the aircond vents has been moved towards the driver. May not sound like much but at the wheel, it makes a huge difference!


6 – Carbon Fibre goodness!


Yes, we all expect to be flooded with carbon-fibre in a supercar. And although this is an optional extra, I just would like to point out how beautiful this works with the interior layout. Tick YES if you’re buying one. This is a must!


7 – Aerodynamics


Much to Ferrari’s new corporate look, following the evolvement of the La Ferrari – the new 488 GTB is also blessed with the new outlook. And at a glance it may look like shoddy build quality on panel gaps, but its actually air ducts that channels wind from the bumper up towards the body. Look closely to find how beautiful the lines are made. Leave art to the Italians as always!


8 – Control buttons


Yeap – this is also new and redesigned. It was a little different in the 458 before and this was introduced in the Specialé. Glad its like this. More driver-centric and aesthetically pleasing!


9 – The interior


What is a Ferrari without those beautiful leather-stitching. Luxury and performance combined into one. This launch car is fitter with the optional sports semi-buckets that you can buy. In my personal opinion, these seats are much nicer than those standard comfort-orientated seats. Much more supportive and a beauty to look at!


10 – The engine!


Can’t deny that those signature, red bolstered looks are just signature to Ferrari. Beauty of the exterior design is one thing, but if a kid comes up to a supercar, the next best thing they’ll look through are those glass engine covers.  And what awaits behind, are these. Carbon Fibre covers are a must too! 😉


The car will be available for public viewing starting tomorrow – 17th June 2015. Head over and have a view at it before it returns back to its place of birth – Maranello, Italy.

Words: Qhalis Najmi

Photos: HazNajims


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