Published on August 27th, 2013

This Toyota KE70, by far, is the most cleanest we have seen so far that we think it should be in our pages. Firstly discovered during the Art of Speed moons ago at Citta Mall, it just sits there looking pretty and flirty to pull us to have a look further. And we did. And now and behold, we are sharing on why we think this oldie should be in the glossies.





The owner seem to be one with the rear wheel driven cars. He used to be a Nissan addict with the A31Nissan Cefiro. Then he changed his ways into the ways of the Toyota with the Supra and then this particular KE70. Although the Supra he had kept it in its pristine stock condition, it is the KE70 that he modded to glory. First off, he gave the car a stronger beating heart with the 1.6 20 Valve 4A-GE Silvertop with all the mods done in unison, the KE70 has a healthy 160 horsies to make the drive sweeter than before. You can check the list of the goodies in the list later. To him, 160 horses is adequate enough to have fun, on the straights, corners or doing it sideways but seeing the KE70’s mint condition, we somehow knew that the car is driven with passion to make it live longer than most of its peers in that era.





We find it quite the place to be when we sit inside the KE70. For one, the dashboard was from a sweet young Toyota AE111. Custom fitted into the car, the dash looks simply dashing and seems to look stock in it. And the custom diamond stitching on the leather with a tangy orange trims makes it even a nicer place to be in this oldie.





With all these goodies, the car is without a sound system to blend in the airwaves but mind you, he has got a cooler thing to be the in-car entertainment supply. He has got a cool boombox in replacement to the ICE. Bought in the States, the Lasonic i-931 Retro Boombox is the coolest thing to have when you have a car like this KE70. The whole setup seem to be one with his retro soul. A bit of modern touches in the car and little bit of high tech with retro-looking-ipod connected boombox seems to make the ride awesome. No wonder he left the Supra at home most of the time.


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