BMW Motorrad [email protected] Adventure World Carnival

Published on October 5th, 2009

I have been anxious to attend this event ever since we first got the press release and the invites from Genting. Attending a World Carnival made me all wide-eyed bambi-like, complete with sleep difficulty the night before. Apart from that, the route towards the venue has always been a thing I have been enjoying everywhen I ventured to it.


This time I managed to get hold of my girlfriend’s Kelisa. The Kelisa may be underpowered, as it is in its stock form, and to make it worst, it’s automatic! But the handling however… I just love it! Going uphill tackling the corners of Genting was exhilarating in the Kelisa. If only this one is powered by a YRV engine… it would have made my day, and weeks!


We arrived at Gohtong Jaya, the venue where the Genting Adventure World Carnival was held, and finding a parking was as easy as a fiddle. That was how cold the reception was. First thing we had in view was an array of fully-restored classics that had me awed at the perfect restorations.


An Alfa GT, Ford Escort, 1962 Volkswagen Beetle, Volvo Wagon and Coupes, 1.5 Honda CRX, an FC and others had me drooling all over it like a dog. I would love to have these in my garage but for now that’s only wishful thinking.


There were tents all over on muddy venue and that’s already in sync with word ‘adventure’, but the most outstanding tent would have to be the BMW Motorrad Day’s tent.


Since we love mud and like the way it splatters on our legs, we walked thru and browsed through the tents there. Food and beverages were abundant and there was even Pizza Hut at the site, freshly cooked for those who have the cravings for pizzas. Local cuisines such as nasi lemak, nasi campur and kebab were also there for those who crave for more than just pizza, and cheese, and tomato sauce…


As for the activities, there were archery, buggy ride, ATV and even two Big-Foots straight from the neighboring country of smile, Thailand. But I would say that the major attraction of the event would be the BMW Motorrad Day’s activities, as there were quite a number of Motorrad owners who rode there during the event. In fact, BMW Motorrad Day had the biggest tent at the Carnival.


There were quite a number of activities organized throughout the three-day event for the BMW Motorrad owners such as demonstrations, bike tests, ride training for new owners and a whole lot more. Kudos to the organizer of BMW Motorrad Day for a well-organized event making it a successful one.


There was only one thing lacking at the Genting Adventure World Carnival… the low traffic reception of the public. I was really hoping but it was shot down minutes after I arrived. Hopefully with ample promotions, marketing programs and awareness, the next Genting Adventure World Carnival will be livelier… if there’s going to be another one in the near future.

text: Hage`  pix: Syawal Ahmad



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