Blue Jackets’ Drive Hard Stage 1

Published on July 8th, 2011

24th June 2011

It’s D-day the Thai boys and girls are coming down from Phuket to meet-up with the Blue Jackets for the Drive Hard Stage 1 to traverse the windy roads of Malaysia for a change… and a bit of fun and laughter laced with driving hard to the designated destinations. This time around the Blue Jackets Society played host to the Thais’ supercar owners on a journey from Phuket – Kuala Lumpur – Genting Highlands -Cameron Highlands – Penang, a total distance of 2035km.

Right after Friday prayers, we made our way to Exotic Mods to collect the VW Golf, fingers all crossed that we can keep up with ’em lots. It was but a hectic day for us as while we’re there, I received a call from Ray to get our asses down to Naza Italia for final briefing on the itinerary of Drive Hard Stage 1.

Thankfully the 290hp Golf was fast enough to get us there. The Thai boys and girls were scheduled to arrive at 6.00pm only to be informed that they’ve been stuck at the immigration for four hours. The slight delay provided us with the time needed to grab some lunch before shooting off to Two Wheel Garage to get a GoPro HD camera.

the Thais refueling at Shell, Jalan Duta

It was also Hazwan’s birthday that day and so as a birthday present he gets to drive the Golf as it is his dream car. All thanks to Exotic Mods. It was his first time in a slightly modded Golf and he loved it to the max!

I was not feeling well and so we made our way to Jeo’s place in TTDI, managed to get half a hour rest before heading to Jalan Duta’s Shell Station to meet up with the Thais and the Blue Jackets welcoming party. Turned out the rendezvous point was changed to Sungai Buluh Rest Area and so we made a detour from Jalan Duta to the RV point.

sticker-bombing ’em supercars at G Tower

The Thai boys and girls only arrived there by 10.30pm and we made our way to G Tower, where the Thais will spending their night after a bit of partying there. Thanks to the police escorts, the journey there from Sg. Buluh Rest Area was a smooth one. By 1.00am we made our way home as it will be an early morning for all of us tomorrow. As for Ray, he was still bombing ’em supercars with event’s stickers up to 3am!

25th June 2011

We made our way from Traffic’s office in Wangsa Walk at made it to the G Tower 5 minutes after 9 in the morning. Turned out some of the Thai guys and gals were still in bed, while the rest of the Blue Jackets were having breakfast.

Erwin’s briefing is a must!

By 11.00am, we departed from G Tower towards Genting Highlands via Akleh only to stop after the toll as one of the Porsche had a turbine failure. As it is Blue Jackets’ policy not to leave anyone behind, Erwin, Abang Din and other tried their best tinkering the Porsche but to no avail. It’s all up to Melvin to settle it as he’s the mechanic thanks to Naza Italia. We went ahead zooming passed other road users towards Genting Highlands.


Since it was slightly raining, the route towards Genting Highlands was covered in mist giving the impression of driving through the mountain pass of Japan. It was a sight to behold but when your views were limited to less than 100 meters… it’s quite a scare and yet mind boggling thrill-ride! If only the traffic was not as congested, we’d be having fun going up.

tail-gating nicky’s Lambo in the Golf

our ride for the weekend!

Once we’ve parked the cars, it’s a bit of free and easy for an hour or so before we’re supposed to meet up at the hotel lobby. Somehow or rather, might be out of excitement, the Thai boys and girls got caught up in the casino and the only Thai national joining the Blue Jackets towards the next destination was Nicky and his yellow Lambo bearing the sticker Nicky’s Handlebar at the rear.

We exited Genting via Karak for a bit of high speed thrill right after refueling towards the small town Bentong and Raub. Since the road condition was a ‘lil bit of a horror for ’em lowdown supercars, some was driving with a bit more of a TLC hence a regroup was done at the rendezvous point a walk away from Pos Betau. It was another route of windy road plus bumpy surfaces for ’em lots.

Once we enter Pos Betau, we’re welcomed by the torrential rain up to few kilometers before reaching Ringlet. Some of the supercars went a bit sideways as it was slippery like mad. Even Exotic Mods’ GTi threw its rear one time too many and seriously, it was freaking scary!

refueling at Shell, Ringlet

From Ringlet, the convoy was escorted to Cameron Highlands but not without having a mixture of fun and thrill as it would be a waste driving thru the windy road of Cameron in slow motion. We’re that much of an adrenaline junkie!

Since there’s none of the places big enough to accommodate all the Blue Jackets’ members, we’re divided into two group, one staying at the Ye Olde Smokehouse while the other at Cameron Highlands Resort. We arrived at Cameron Highlands around 6.30pm, enough time for everyone to freshen up before dinner at Cameron Highlands Resort.

26th June 2011

With enough rest, everyone was all geared up to hit the road towards Penang. By 11.30am, we leave the resort only to be stuck in jam! After enduring it for about twenty minutes, we’re rescued by the local police who escorted us out of the mess up to Simpang Pulai.

autograph session!

Blue Jackets Society

Papa Smurf in action

Going down from Cameron proved to be quite fun for us all. The road was windy and wide enough for a bit of overtaking once needed. From Simpang Pulai, we entered the North South Highway to Penang. It was all good at the highway at a constant speed except when we arrived at the toll, which was horrific to say the least. Thanks to the police, we’re escorted starting from the toll via the Penang Bridge towards the best food in town, Nasi Kandar Penang as everyone was starving like mad!

Once we’re full to the brim of our stomachs, we’re led through Balik Pulau’s very own windy road to enjoy durian. By now it’s already 3.30pm and we spend about 45 minutes for the durian treat before heading to Hard Rock Penang, where we will be spending the night. Going through Balik Pulau’s windy road got all of us ecstatic. It was really good. Let me rephrase that, it was damn freaking good! It would be great if we get to close the road for a touge session here. Thanks to the police escorts, we arrived at the hotel all in one piece and not in pieces.

durian and rambutan time!

We arrived at Hard Rock Penang around 6pm and got a celebrity treatment. A walk on the red carpet while being cheered by the staffs there. One of the Blue Jackets, Botak went all the way for four rounds of walking the red carpet and had us all laughing our lives away.

Ned’s R8 arriving at the Hard Rock Penang

kudos to the Police escorts on a job well done

Four times the charm according to Botak!

Once checked in, it’s free and easy for all. Some basked in the sun while others went for a swim. As for us Traffic crews, it’s all about work and we went through all the shots and videos… only to fall asleep up to dinner time. Dinner was only a drive away from Hard Rock Penang, a Thai restaurant and it was a treat by Jeya who celebrated his wedding anniversary the day before.

off to dinner!

27th July 2011

We packed our bags and leave the hotel by 11.30am heading back to Kuala Lumpur, though some of us continue their stay at the hotel. The convoy was a ‘lil bit smaller as Nicky went back to Thailand after crossing the Penang Bridge together with us.

Exotic Mods' Golf made my life easier catching up with 'em

Some of the Thai guys and gals left earlier in the morning to avoid the jam at the immigration… or they might be heading back to Genting for another session at the casino for all we know. 😛

words: Hage’  pix & vids: Moodzafar Farid & Hazwan Najims


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