At the helm of the Megane Renault Sport 250 Cup

Published on November 16th, 2010

We were at the Sepang International Circuit covering the Two Wheel Garage‘s track day when a number of  Megane Renault Sport 250 Cups arrived along with the previous model of Megane R26R. I was taken aback with its presence as we had no idea that there was gonna be the launch of the Megane Renault Sport 250 Cup the very next day. Since it was a full day with the track day and another photo shoot that lasted until late in the evening, my curiosity over the arrival of the Meganes soon overcame by fatigue.

As we were getting the much needed drinks and food at the mamak’s near the office, we were informed by our very own deputy editor, Azdee Amir that we’re invited to attend the launch of the Megane Renault Sport 250 Cup the very next day at 8am…. which means another early day for us lots yet again. Not that we’re not excited about it but I received an SMS from Udj informing us on his mother’s demise later on. As Udj is part of the Traffic family, we made our way to Bangi to pay our respect and we managed to arrive home at 5am before reluctantly waking up at 7am thanks to my fiancee giving me a wake up call… err… not one but three wake up calls.

From there on, it was chaos. We made out of the house by 7.50am hoping for a smooth drive all the way to Sepang International Circuit only to be warmly greeted by the infamous MRR2’s bumper-to-bumper morning jam. The best part was… me and Geck went through this ordeal the previous day and having to go through this for two days in a row seriously blew my head off. Once the traffic cleared, we stumbled into an accident in Putrajaya in which one of the car practically ended up on a bent lamp post. A grim reminder for me as I reached 200km/h to make sure we’d be in Sepang International Circuit on time. Somehow or rather, we managed to arrived about 10 minutes late at 8.40am… enough to catch a puff or two while Geck headed to breakfast first before making his way to the toilet.

The launch was a brief one with Mr. Arnaud Morgue of Renault Singapore, Mr. Kuan Kim Luen and Reza Mutalib of TC Euro Cars unveiled the Megane Renault Sport 250 Cup after a short and sweet speech to the medias just as Geck and I like it. Seriously speaking most of the media personnels there seemed itching for the test drive of the Megane RS 250 Cup and everyone made their way to the track only to witness 8 proud owners of the Megane RS receiving their cars at the starting grid before driving it for the first time at the Sepang International Circuit. Walking all the way to the starting grid was just what I need to keep the grogginess at bay.

As for the drive, Donald Cheah of Top Gear Malaysia and I were the last to have a feel at the Megane RS 250 Cup in the first group while the second group spend their time with Reza Mutalib on a brief of presentation and Q&A session on the Megane RS. Stepping into the car, the first thing I spotted was the play of yellow in the interior especially the seat belts and the RPM meter. As brazen as it was, it was eye-pleasing enough as it complements the black leather of Recaros front and back. The next thing was the RS monitor of onboard telemetry which provides the driver an eyeful of the RS Dynamic Management which features three ESP modes.

Once I collected the helmet form Adian of, I was greeted by a personnel of Renault who acted as a co-pilot gave me a bit of this and that on the Megane RS 250 Cup as I made my way out of the pit following the pace car with DC of Top Gear behind me. As there were a number of those who stalled the car at first gear, I took a precaution not to experience the same thing, hence I lifted the clutch as gentle as possible only to feel a smooth jerk forward of power, first indication that it’s gonna be a fun drive of three laps.

I managed to enter the first corner at third and exiting without losing any power had made me wonder how would the Megane RS 250 Cup would fare in a touge battle. I guessed that’s the best part of having a 2.0ltr twin scrolled turbo whopping out 250hp on tap and 340Nm of torque at 3000rpm at your disposal. The handling of the Megane RS around the track of Sepang International Circuit is incredibly nimble to say the least. Steering in and out of a corner are as easy as driving in a straight line. I have more to say but let’s keep it until I get to test the Megane RS my way ya!

Driving the Megane RS 250 Cup is as fun as it’s easy to drive. The standard specs alone made it a daily driven car all-prepped for fun at the track when you feel the urge to let go litres of adrenaline out of your body. The Megane RS 250 Cup comprised of an ample amount of techies and goodies, I’d say the price tag of RM229,800 is quite a steal. The Malaysian market are made mostly out of auto-tranny buyers especially when the streets are always jam-packed with cars almost 24-7 thus making this manual-tranny Megane RS 250 Cup to be the car to put Renault in the ‘must-haves’ list amongst car enthusiasts. Especially when you are the few who have race their cars every now and then on the track.

For those who are in the look out for the one and only or an addition to your stable, head to the nearest TC Euro Cars for a test drive and believe me, that’s all you need to fall head over heels with the Megane Renault  Sport 250 Cup. Just remember, it is already made for the track, just waiting for you to unleash it on the road.

words: Hage’  pix: Syafril Ismail


  1. Posted by enche ariel on November 25th, 2010, 11:20

    Bro, next time ajak la aku!

  2. Posted by Traffic Mag on November 25th, 2010, 12:14

    camne nak ajak…. last minute baru tau bro.. next time ada lagi aku call ko.


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