ACG2012: Kansai

Published on July 7th, 2012

Motor sports culture in Japan is one of the best there is when you compare it to the other regions on the planet. To begin with, their car manufacturing industry is one of the fastest, healthiest to say the least and of course, is at par with their American and European counterparts when it comes to automotive technology. The scene is so aggressive that they are even competing with each other in their own homegrown. This you can see from the various number of auto related events they have in a year at most region of this island. Put aside Tokyo Auto Salon which is the epitome of the tuning scene festival, the ones that you should know about if you are into the in-car-entertainment (or ICE to you lazybones) scene is the ACG events.

The ACG (Audio Car Gallery) was first established way back in 2001 as Rockford Owner’s Festival. Yup, it was a festival for modified ride owners who plonked in Rockford Fosgate ICE thingamagic in their rides to blast their eardrums and those near to ’em. Apparently, interest were high and so the event was renamed ACG so that others having other brands apart from Rockford Fosgate can get to enter and join in the fun.

This year, ACG Kansai alone attracted more than 170 rides, both two-wheelers and four-wheelers of all sorts of makes battling it out in Kansai, the first venue of the ACG 2012 Championship. There were six venues of ACG events this year; Kansai, Chubu, Tohoku, Chugoku, Kyushu and the final will be held in Odaiba. Whether if you are into clear sound clarity, super shocking decible wars or simply the aesthetics crazy looking mods to these cars, this is the event you’ll need to see, feel, hear and touch.

ACG is a venue for modified car owners in Japan to battle it out among themselves in seven categories. ACG Dress-Up, Dolby Theater Car, ACGC (Audio Car Gallery Contest), Sound Fanatic, dB Drag Racing, Shop Demo Car and Nichionkyo Daionryo. I seriously have no idea what the last category is but I’m guessing it has something to do with superb light and sound displays.

I was never one of those who savor sound system as back here in Malaysia, there was none to say the least that have the kinda modification that appeals to me. It was quite rare to see an auto show that varies in terms of makes and modification here in Malaysia but it’s such a common thingy in Japan. Participation in it was massive! It was a carnival by itself as the participants took the initiative to modify and willing to share their creativity with the public.

Most of the modification done was admirable and up to our liking. Nevertheless, there were a number of those which are a bit too creative, to say the least. Rockford Fosgate 2012 image girl, devilishly kawaii Sari Katou kept the hype up and about throughout the ACG 2012 held in Kansai, while Revival Stance kept the music alive in their very own style. It’s been 6 years since we’ve last been in Japan. Looking back at the scene in 2006, I guess it’s high time for us to take a peek of the happenings in Japan and thanks to our friend Kazunori Miyamoto-san to keep us updated.

ACG Kansai 2012

words: Jeo  pix: Kazunori Miyamoto


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