A softer version of the R34

Published on December 27th, 2012

Way back in the early 80’s, kids all around the world enjoyed the fight between good and evil albeit Ultraman and Godzilla. Often than not, Ultraman won the fight. Back then, the kids including me wonder how in the freaking’ hell, Tokyo gets build in a short period of time despite the utter destruction. Ultraman was one of the most sought after figurine back in the days. Not so much can be said of Godzilla due to its monstrous looks though. Only those geeky enough would get a Godzilla as part of his or her figurine collection.



Nevertheless, as we grow up, the term Godzilla took another meaning for those who love to live life in the fast lane. The term Godzilla can only mean one thing… and one thing only, the infamous Nissan Skyline. Being blessed more than the rest of us, the owner of this GTS had a number of modified rides but the GTS is his prized one of it all. To him, the Godzilla legacy ended with the R34 and so R35 was never being considered as a preferred choice at all to add up his collections of rides.



The need for speed enticed him to get the engine bay upgraded but on a second thought, he steeled with a mild modification instead of an extensive one. Even though the RB25 Neo lacks the torque and performance compared to the GTR version of the R34, he was more than blessed to have it in the first place. And after a mild modification, his softer version of the R34 gained a wee bit of ponies from the reliable RB25DET. After all, it’s a cheaper road tax compared to the 2.6cc of the GTR.




Without tinkering with the essentials of the engine, the GTS gained a few addition up to 300hp. Being a drift junkie, it’s all about torque and for now it’s more than enough for him to get his beloved GTS sideways every time he wants to lose control while being in control. Traction comes in the form of Federal tyres wrapping the ROTA TE37 18inchers. The HKS adjustables kept his GTS lower compared to the stock version. As for the brakes, he’s more than confident with the stock braking power of the NISSAN Skyline regardless of which versions.



At a glance, this particular GTS looks like a GTR as the exterior was fully converted to GTR34. The NISMO bonnet enhances the outlook of the GTS. It does look way much menacing compared to the tamer looks of the GTS. The interior gets the same treatment as the engine bay, nothing much was done expect for a few minimal touch such as NISMO gearknob, SPARCO pedals to comfort the heavy-right-foot syndrome and an M7 boost meter to keep an eye on the boost once in awhile. The rest of it was kept as stock as it is.



It might be enough for the owner of this GTS to keep it this way, but then being a modder, will there be a stop to it… the quest for speed, power, performance and looks to top it all up? I’d say… that would remains to be seen in the very near future as the motoring technology advances by the seconds, even as we speak. The godzilla has an endless potential to churn out more horses out of its mighty engine and it’s all up to the owner to continue his quest to quench his need for speed.

Technical Specification:

Engine: RB25 Neo, JASMA Super cooler, K&N air filter, SAMCO hoses, 2-way LSD, manual tranny, 300hp

Interior: NISMO gearknob, M7 boost meter, Sparco pedals, dashboard refabricated in CF stickers

Exterior: Bodyworks converted to GTR34, NISMO bonnet, R34 spoiler, white V-spec paintjob

Rolling Stock: 18″ ROTA TE37, Semi slick Federal 235/40ZR/18 (front) 245/40R/18 (rear)tyres, HKS adjustable dampers

ICE: Double-Din Clarion

words: Hage’ pix: Hazwan Najims, Jeo & DICE


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