A full day mingling with lots of Porsches

Published on June 22nd, 2011

I contemplated to attend the event as we’re short of camera and laptop thanks to the mishap during Bukit Putus Charity Challenge a few months back when Geg accidentally left his bag and lost it as a stoopid fark broke into his car in less than 15 minutes as we enjoyed our breakfast.

Apart from that scarred memories and the fact that we’re a ‘lil bit too low on cash, we’re also quite busy with the upcoming SuperGT as our Japanese friends asked for favors during his stay here. But then again, the possibility of not coming and get to test a Porsche is just not what we can simply put aside… and so we head to Sepang International Circuit.

It was also the launch of Cayman R and so we get to see and the possibility of caressing the Cayman R on the track. After the launch and video presentation by Arnt Bayer, CEO of Sime Darby Auto Performance along with Mr Yves from Michelin, we all head down for briefing of Porsche Driving Experience.

The Porsche Driving Experience was divided into 4 sections in which all emphasize the importance of PSM (Porsche Stability Management). And so 30 of us media personnel of various publication were divided into groups with 7 to 8 person each.

Wan and I went for the first test, in which we had the opportunity to learn a wee bit on drift… in a Cayman S. It’s the first basic that you have to learn to drift… making donuts in a perfect circle. With the PSM on, it’s quite difficult to throw the rear as the PSM corrects the vehicle… but when the PSM is off, it’s hell to control the Cayman, especially when one of the Porsche personnel insisted to have the tarmac all wet.

From there, we head to the next test, this time in a Cayenne. It’s the braking test. We have to floor it and only brake and swerve as instructed by the instructor. Sounds easy but mind you, quite a number of cones were killed during the test.

Swerve test looks the toughest… as we had to drive the Cayenne S through the cones before swerving without braking at 70 to 75km/h. Without PSM, the Cayenne S was like it almost tumbled over… especially when it’s up to the instructor to tell you whether to go left or right at the last minute and get the Cayenne corrected afterwards only then brake on the spot. With PSM, I’d say any grandma or granddad can do it at ease.

Final test was the slalom test… in which each media personnel was timed for a surprise gift at the end of the day. The best part was… we have to it in a Panamera, the four-door Porsche that shares the same chassis of the Cayenne… only that it’s lower and looks menacing. One look at the Panamera and the slalom course, I thought it’s gonna be hell but to my surprise, the handling was as good as driving a hatchback. I’d say it would be orgasmic to have the Panamera in a touge session.

Through all the courses, we’re drinking like we have camel’s hump as it was scorching hot and a number of media personnel quit after having three of the courses. Nevertheless, the main attraction was having the opportunity to drive the Porsches in track. Almost all looking for the opportunity to drive the new addition to the Porsche family, the Cayman R but since time was not on our side, we had to be one of the unlucky ones and missed the opportunity.

It was a full day of mingling, molesting and getting a full hard on with the Porsches. At the end of day, I was surprised to have the best time during the slalom test as there were a number of media guys who drove better than me. I guess they were just giving me the chance to win something from Porsche. Thank you to Porsche Malaysia and the instructors as I gained more knowledge in handling cars. It’s truly a Porsche Driving Experience. Hmmm… I guess it’s time to call Porsche Malaysia and get a feel of the Cayman R aye?

words: Hage’ ¬†pix: Hazwan Najims



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