A day with an unassuming superstar… ooops, we meant supercar.

Published on June 17th, 2009

You’re just asking for ridicule or adamant on proving you that you live under a rock or in the Vulcan planetary system if you don’t know the continuation of Nissan’s legendary supercar killer in its next incarnation the, CBA-R35, or R35 for short and minus the Skyline moniker, the name’s just GT-R for this tarmac scorcher.

Additionally, if you’re a regular… every time the Japanese racing extravaganza makes its lone and annual and lone pilgrimage outside the Land of the Rising Sun to our sunny shores, you would recognize this fine example of the GT-R we have here for you.

Decked out in the livery of the WoodOne Clarion GT-R GT500 race machine, this road going replica has been doing the expo rounds to promote the race and the team the last couple of years.

The car belongs to a close friend of Traffic and he was kind enough to let us feel up this fine woman.

The WoodOne Clarion GT-R would surely have left skid marks on our heads, having won the Malaysian round of the Super GT for the last two years. Not contented with just winning, it had to do it with style and a dash of suspense, coming from behind to snatch victory.

However, the replica we have here won’t be gunning it on the track anytime soon. The closest it will ever come to thrashing it out with other race machines will be courtesy of its full-on livery of the winning WoodOne Clarion machine.

Of course we here at Traffic have seen this car many a time over, in pictures, dreams, wet fantasies with Megan Fox rubbing herself on the hood and so forth but seeing it in its aerodynamically formed and perfectly sculpted flesh is another ballgame altogether, especially with the livery.

Parked just outside the restaurant that was the meeting point, the car attracted attention like a certain Hollywood socialite with her own sex-tape. People could not just stop looking at it to the point that a mom even almost rolled her stroller with mandatory kid inside into a drain.

Such is the magnetic persona of this genuine supercar. After getting a few shots of the car, we decided to shoot poetry in motion and got our dear friend to get the car moving.

On the road, the GT-R looked like it was moving at its electronically limited speed of 180km/h just doing 60km/h. Of course, having a supercar that doesn’t go above 180km/h is akin to marrying Jessica Biel but not being able to consummate the marriage.

Hence, the owner had the speed nanny removed to fully unleash the potential of this Japanese tribute to automotive technology. Now the GT-R is able to grab its top speed of 310km/h if the owner desires so.

Apart from that, the car is completely standard. Fittingly though, the audio system is anything but. Shouldering the responsibility of the Clarion name, the car is fitted with a complete Clarion sound system.

Nonetheless, the only sound we wanted to tune into was the sinister throaty growl of the VR38DETT 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 powerplant in all its glory.

The boffins at Nissan claim an output of 480hp for the GT-R but taking into account that each and every engine with gearbox is hand-built in air-conditioned environments, the power outputs will undoubtedly differ from each and every car.

With its six-speed dual clutch semi-automatic transmission sending power to all four corners via the ATTESA-ETS system, the torque split, all 588Nm of it, can go from 2:98 in a standing start to a maximum of 50:50 when assassinating corners.

Packing more technology than an Apple factory, this is how the GT-R mops the blacktop with its rivals.

Utilizing a turbocharger for each bank of cylinders, Nissan have somehow managed to almost entirely eliminate turbo-lag, blessing the GT-R with mind-numbingly and sensory-shocking response and grip.

On the road, the car maintains its magnetic persona. It looked perfectly at home cruising, possibly giving it some leverage on the Porsche 911 Turbo’ collective stronghold of the world’s best everyday supercar title.

Once we reached more open roads, the GT-R was gunned and left us in the camera car agape with its blistering pace. Having the windows down to shoot this babe, we were also blessed with the sound of the rumbling V6 doing its thang.

The effortlessness in which the car pulled away with virtually no lag once the throttle was acquainted with the firewall left us in awe. Heavy traffic (no pun intended), didn’t allow the owner to demonstrate its cornering-on-rails ability.

What Nissan has managed to do is create a machine that redefines the standards of supercars, leaving many of the competitors trailing in its California Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV) standards meeting wake.

We even had the pleasure of a pearl white Porsche Carrera for a few moments during the drive, probably some curious and jealous Porsche owner wanting a closer look at the car that snatched away its Nurburgring record. Disappointingly, nothing that resembled a scene from ‘The Fast and the Furious’ happened next and we parted ways soon after.

By now, you can easily deduce that we never actually had time behind the wheel of the GT-R, only having the privilege of filling out the passenger’s seat and marking every nook and cranny into out memory, thoroughly enjoying and absorbing the aura of sitting in such an iconic and legendary car.

While we may not be able to impart any direct driving experience to you guys (we will definitely try to test drive one in the future), we can say with near certainty that being able to dance with Monica Bellucci is damn well better than just wanking to her half-naked pictures online.

words & vid: Dinesh Appavu  pix: Syawal Ahmad & Azham Zainol

[flashvideo file=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJZ8cZZalgU /]


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