Published on February 6th, 2013

When I turned thirty five years back… I mean six years back, I was stumped. I just couldn’t take it. For me, being thirty meant that I have to grow up, being responsible for all of my actions and with that being said, it was going to be utterly troublesome. The prospect of being in the three series was not as exciting as being in the German-made three series at all. Some might say that it’s just a number but I seriously have to refute that completely. There are a whole lot of other things and numbers are not just numbers. Especially, when it comes to tinkering with cars.


A31 (4)

A31 (3)

For those who have been head over heels to achieve more ponies under the hoodies, the amount of extravagant numbers spent to actually achieve the sought-after numbers in horsepower and torque might get most of ’em standard car owners shaking their heads in utter disbelief. Nowadays, the power of money plays a more important role in gettin’ ’em numbers.

A31 (2)

A31 (25)


Having an A31 Cefiro might not be that impressive for some, but still it’s one of the best car deemed affordable to have if you wanna be driving sideways once in a while. After all, having a Nissan platform means a whole lot of possibilities in terms of modifications… as with some of the models bodyparts can be swapped, plugged and played without any hassle at all. You can even do it yourself without being charged and arm and a leg to achieve the looks you have always wanted.

A31 (1)

A31 (17)



Sadly, the same can’t be said with engine swaps. For most of us, it’s either we don’t have the tools and the precious time to spend or we don’t have the brains to get to the right mechanics right in the first place. Hence, the mushrooming amount of workshops, garages and specialists all over the country. This happens to be a good thing actually, as now we modders have more places to send our rides to for modding purposes.

A31 (24)


A31 (16)

When I first heard of the RB30, I was flabbergasted to say the least. I never heard of it before I went for a photo shoot back in 2009. The mechanic at Turbinemasters in Shah Alam showed me the block and told me at that time, there were only two cars in Malaysia with this engine. It came as stock in the Holden Commodore manufactured and used in Australia before the model had a change of heart to a V8.

A31 (6)

A31 (19)

A31 (18)

However the RB30 is not a complete engine as it consists of a short block mated with the head of another RB series. There is also an ‘RB30DETT’ kit manufactured by OS Giken of Japan, which bolts an extension on top of the RB26 engine block, and fits liners, to give an 86 mm bore x 86 mm stroke. It is available as an assembled short block, containing billet chrome-molybdenum crank, billet chrome-molybdenum H-beam connecting rods, forged pistons, and costs both arms and legs along with your bottom in the process.

A31 (21)

A31 (23)

The amount of torque that can be squeezed out of this set-up is extremely high and with proper fully balanced engine and blue-printing, it’s been proven that the engine can rev up to 11,000rpm. Just imagine the kind of horsepower and torque you can achieve. No wonder, Bad, the owner of this particular A31 who is also one out of three DC Shoes’ drifters went all out for the RB30, pairing it with a huge Garrett AR70 and a bit of play with Tomei cams.

A31 (15)

A31 (14)

A31 (13)

As for the looks, he kept the A31 true to its form without getting it mashed with other Nissan makes. I’d say it’s more than enough to keep other cars scurrying for cover every when the A31 makes an appearance. Keeping it all black would make it boring according to him and since he’s a big fan of Ken Block, liveries of Block’s Fiesta further enhances the menacing stance of his A31. Since sticker-bombing trend first hit the shores of Malaysia, he’s one of the first who got it done onto his car. The play of sticker bombin’ at the dash gave the interior a joyous feel whilst entering the pod without compromising the menacing stance of his A31.

A31 (22)

A31 (20)


To complete the looks, he went all crazy and got two sets of wheels instead of one… both ain’t cheap and not easy to source out, Work Equip and Kei’s Office rolling stock of 17 inches in size. I’d go for bigger wheels if I was him going all out 20″ like Mad Mike’s FD3S but then to each its own numbers aye? Now who say’s 30 is just a number?

words: Hage’ pix: DICE, Hazwan Najims & Jeo

Technical Specification:


RB30DET block, RB25 head, Tomei cams, Garrett AR70 turbine, Tial wastegate, APEX’i airfilter, M-Con M7 management, Splitfire sparkplugs, Cusco 2-way LSD, 430 horsepower


Sparco seats, MOMO steering, NISMO gearknob, custom hydraulic handbrake, NRG meters, Bee-R rev limiter, sticker-bombed dashboard


custom fibre GTR bonnet, Fiber Wonder front bumper, rear bumper and sideskirting, Black paintjob with Ken Block’s Fiesta liveries

Rolling Stock: Work Equip & Kei’s Office 17″ wheels, GT Radial 235/40/17 tyres, ISC suspensions, R32 calipers and discs, Ultra Racing struts


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