2011 Neo R3: Small, bad, and looking awesome

Published on February 11th, 2011

I’ve always loved the Satria Neo. My first experience with a Neo was my friend’s Neo 1.6… and she’s a crazy driver. Back during my short stay in a newspaper motoring publication, my boss was kind enough to let me drive around a very white Neo CPS for a few days. He made me write an article about it, and I didn’t complain. I fell in love with it.

After my transition to Trafficmagonline, I wrote another article regarding the car simply because I really enjoyed driving the Neo CPS. That article is still one of the top 10 hits on this website, and I do believe there are many Neo CPS fans out there.

Recently, the motorsport division of Proton, R3, unveiled the Neo’s bigger and definitely bad-der brother; the Neo R3. It’s around 30k (+ -) more expensive than the Neo CPS and is packing much more punch. Comparing to the CPS, the Neo R3 is really, really mean.

Slapping Stage 2 upgrades to the stock standard granny-spec 1.6-liter CamPro CPS S4PH engine gave the engine a wholesome 145hp at 7,000rpm with 168Nm of torque at 5,000rpm. Now, please tell me that’s not enough for a Touge run. I would love to have one of these and have a go on one of ’em Sunday Touge sessions.

Don't you just hate teaser shots?

Add that to the close ratio 5-speed manual tranny, R3 derived re-profiled cams, R3 ECU (Siemens), R3 4-2-1 stainless steel tuned exhaust system, R3 aluminum adjustable cam pulleys, bigger carbon fibre R3 air intake box and high flow K&N air filter, you’ll find yourself whistling a different tune driving this car.

Of course, that goes without saying.

The R3 version of any Proton cars is built to perform. I’m sure many, including us, are wondering why a 1.8-liter version is not in the picture. We’d be delighted (read: insanely ecstatic) if a 1.8 R3 Neo came rolling out of the warehouse with 200 ponies available to chase down any mother-reindeer that come knocking. Well, wishful thinking again, but please don’t blame me. I just want to indulge my fantasies sometime.

Anyway, the 1,200kg Neo R3 comes with new R3 wheels (16” with gunmetal finish, and they look awesome!). The rims are alloy built and are generously wrapped by Bridgestone Potenza RE001R 205/45 tyres. Slamming the car down 10mm would be the R3 performance springs, complete with re-calibrated alignment, toe, camber and steering precision.

New performance brake pads are adapted to the new R3 Neo, with capabilities of coping up to 500 degree Celsius of intense hard braking heat. That means more late braking, folks.

“The R3 Satria Neo is an extension of Proton’s involvement and experience in motorsports which will see a new generation of selected showroom models being injected with greater dynamic elements and excitement, mainly in catering to a niche segment of customers and enthusiasts who desire vehicles that are purpose-built for performance,” said Proton Holdings Berhad Group Managing Director Datuk Haji Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir.

Any of you who’ve driven a Neo CPS or a tune-up Neo would know how well the car handles. We’d love some full adjustables, maybe slamming it a little more and sitting on 17’s with 40-series Federal tyres, 2-pot calipers with cross-drilled brakepads and maybe a 4-throttle system to make the car much more awesome, but that’ll require a whole lotta stolen rims to sell, and we’re all are already a bunch of criminals (on the road, only). Best to keep these thoughts to ourselves and hopefully, one fine day, the Tarmac God will listen and rain down thousands of aftermarket tune-up products to our porch.

If you’re interested in getting the car, best be quick with it. The car is on sale for RM79,797.00 and is only available in Fire Red (with black painted roof). Book early (booking fee is RM2,000) and get a chance to be invited to the launch event and have your pix taken with Motorsport Division of Proton’s Prince of Drift Tengku Djan Ley and Faidzil Alang. Check out other features of the car down below:

Proton Satria Neo R3 edition

1.6 upgraded CPS engine
145hp at 7,000rpm
168Nm torque at 5,000rpm
CPS Bodykit + R3 rear roof spoiler
Front lip
Fender arches
Titanium side strips/mouldings
R3 limited edition front bucket seats
Matte red dashboard trims, gear console, handbrake handle
Two tone door trims
R3 floor carpets
Engine Start button
Aluminum foot pedals
Solar & Security protection
2-DIN head unit with 3D GPS Nav
Dual front airbags

Words: Syawal Ahmad  Pix: Proton


  1. Posted by oreedo on February 12th, 2011, 11:57

    wow wow n wow…. please call me up when you test drive this baby….

  2. Posted by Traffic Mag on February 12th, 2011, 20:23

    will do bro. will do.

  3. Posted by Taka Taka on February 18th, 2011, 16:58

    waa.. hensem


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