1960 Krabi – Phuket Rally with the Blue Jackets Society

Published on March 18th, 2011

Day Zero

It was quite a rush when I was told that we’re to cover the drive of a group of 21 supercars of various models of Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Maserati to Phuket via Krabi from Kuala Lumpur about three weeks back. Nevertheless, the excitement was not without worry as I was a ‘lil bit short of cash and to top it all, my passport expired a week before. A day before the drive, I rushed to the nearest immigration office with the last hundred of Ringgit in hand to get the passport. Turned out it was packed like sardines.

After two grueling hours of waiting, I managed to get my passport. It was a busy day indeed for us. We’re so busy I was lost in time and totally forgot what we did that very day. Later that night, we were told we’re to pick up our official media car, a Honda Insight 1.3 Hybrid sponsored by Honda dealer, Global Amity Sdn. Bhd. By 1.00am, our dear friends Autogridz delivered the Insight to us at Damansara Uptown. By then, we’re left with two hours of sleep before embarking on a journey from Dutamas to Krabi, Thailand.

Day One

It was raining cats, dogs and other four-legged animals and made it quite difficult for us to wake up. In fact I was thinking to just sleep it off and miss the drive altogether. But then as far as work is concerned, sleeping can take a back seat. A chinese auntie once told me the day she will sleep will be the day she’s dead. And so we managed to arrive at Wau Penyu situated in Solaris Dutamas about 15 minutes after 6am for breakfast. Some of the participants were already there by the time we arrived.

The organizer gave out official Blue Jackets Society‘s shirts and other apparels while we enjoyed tasty breakfast. The 1960 Krabi – Phuket Rally was organized by the Blue Jackets Society. By 6.00am we embarked on a journey with all of ’em supercars in a Honda Insight towards Sheraton Krabi. It was drizzling when we made our move from Wau Penyu to the first refuel stop at Lembah Beringin. It was hard keeping up with ’em supercars especially when you had to speed up  while the fuel warning all light up. We were left behind as I pushed the Insight to 197km/h to keep up with the pace but once awhile ’em supercars exceeded 220km/h leaving us and the support vehicles way behind from the rest of the pack.

We had another two refuel stops at Tanjung Malim and Changloon before arriving at the Malaysia – Thailand border in Bukit Kayu Hitam by 11.28am. Despite the thorough arrangement done by the organizer, we were stranded at no man’s land for two hours before entering Thailand via Sadao. A police car led us to Anantara Si Kao Resort & Spa in Trang for lunch. Somehow, we were separated from the convoy and missed the turn to Trang, heading straight to Nakhon Si Thammarat before realizing we’re in the wrong direction.

All drenched in sweat as the air condition was turned off most of the time to conserve fuel, we made a U-turn and head straight to Krabi only to get lost in the town of Krabi for another two hours before arriving at the hotel extremely tired with goth music churning out of our stomachs due to starvation. Thankfully dinner was stupendously delicious that night and we savour the aftertaste even in our sleep.

Day Two

It’s a hard job just to get up from a fluffy bed, nevertheless we did the inevitable and got all geared up to meet up with ’em supercar owners from Bangkok, driving under the banner of Mun Maak in Krabi to join the Blue Jackets. They comprised of 23 supercars and majority of it are the R35s. By 12.00pm, we make our way to Sala Talay Resort by the Ao Nang Beach which is only 15 minutes from the hotel. While waiting for the ladies and gentlemen of Mun Maak, it was a bit of free time for us as some went for a yatch cruise with the ladies to the infamous James Bond Island and the miraculous Koh Dam Hok Dam Kwan while others chilled out and chatted among themselves at Sala Talay.

The support crews took the opportunity to pamper the supercars in a hot shower to ensure the Malaysian-Thai convoys in all its glittering glamour. The Mun Maak crews arrived about 15 minutes earlier from those who went for the yatch cruise. From there on, we’re invited to a surprise lunch arranged by Mun Maak at Ruen Mai Restaurant, reputedly a not-to-be-missed eatery in Krabi. After a fulfilling seafood cuisine, we head to Phuket accompanied by Mun Maak traversing a windy stretch which had some of us with ended up with thousands of butterflies in their stomachs. We managed to arrive in Phuket all in one piece by 6.40pm at Ban Thai Beach Resort and Spa to freshen up before heading to Nicky’s Handle Bar for a sumptuous dinner cum private party before embracing the comfort of beds and pillows.

Day Three

It was supposed to be another early morning and so we woke up just to learn that our car was blocked by another and so we were stuck at Nicky’s Handle Bar. Somehow or rather it turned out to be a rest and relax session for us instead of joining the Blue Jackets at the go-kart track for those speed junkie and a bit of golf for those who’re looking for a more relax manner in terms of competition at the Red Mountain Golf Course. As for us, we spend the day lazing in bed, watching a whole lotta TV and dozing off one time too many. With way too many rest in hand, in the evening we went with the Blue Jackets and the Mun Maak to the Boat Lagoon Yachting for dinner, fashion show and yachting on the Princess Luxury Yacht.

The dinner was utterly fulfilling to say the least. Food and beverages were aplenty! In the middle of dinner, rain came pouring down on us for quite sometime and everything was delayed. As it ended, we’re entertained by the fashion show and it was cut short at that. It didn’t go as planned to the disappointment of the organizer. Yachting on board the Princess was cancelled and so it was free and easy for us the rest of the night.

Day Four

On the fourth day, it’s a rest and easy session. Some surrendered to the slumber of a much-needed sleep while some went on a retreat to a private beach,  the Rang Yai Island. We were given a brief on pearls as the island is also a pearl farm. From there on, we made a move to the beach to enjoy lunch (I think I gain a few pounds by the end of the trip).

And it’s all about basking in the sun and enjoying other seaside activities till late evening before heading back to the Boat Lagoon and drove back to the hotel. Since it’s the final day, most of us took the opportunity to chat while savoring the food and beverages of the Thais with friends for hours before heading to bed as tomorrow will be a straight drive home from Phuket.

Day Five

Despite the late night, everyone was in high spirit to get back home. By 11.00am we made our move but it was not without any incident. Somehow we managed to get left behind yet again but this time with company, Ray and Terence who were driving a 5 Series and Maserati Quattroporte. We were lucky as Terence have a GPS installed and after an hour plus of catching up… we somehow ended up 5 minutes ahead the convoy in Krabi.

We also had a really close shave as the convoy jammed their brakes leaving us sliding all over the road and an inch away from crashing into the rear of Gary’s GT2. If it had occured, I’d be running off into the jungle and would only enter Malaysia in three months time. From there on, we managed to keep the convoy intact until we reached Sadao to cross the border back to homeland, Malaysia. It was an exhausting, yet full of sweet memories and unforgettable moments of the 1960 Krabi-Phuket Rally.

words: Hage’  pix: Syafril Ismail, Hazwan Najims & Nick Chan  vid: Hazwan Najims


  1. Posted by Sander Blauw on March 21st, 2011, 12:37

    Awesome photos and story! A great weekend in Krabi and Phuket indeed. Looking forward to more action from Mun Maak and Blue Jackets Society crew soon!

  2. Posted by Traffic Mag on March 21st, 2011, 14:57

    we’ll be looking forward to it!


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